Kyle will talk to us on Monday.

In the German language there are many long words.

He's also writing a book.

I pointed this out to him.

I really didn't want to bother you again.

Looks like it's snowing, eh?

His car looks as good as new.

You're stronger today.

I will finish this work somehow.


The horse trotted down the road.

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How could it not matter?

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He left home.

We should never forget that the Titanic was built by professionals and Noah's Ark was built by laymen...

I had all my clothes washed by my mother.

My grandmother became sick last week.

I'm so worried about you.


I think you might need my help.

After being proven innocent, the killer cucumber went into a well deserved retirement in Spain.

Not everybody is poor.

This is pretty much it.

I'm talking to her on Facebook.

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Are you looking for somebody?

A lot of things happened and my schedule was messed up.

Aren't you sick of eating here?

This TV show is aimed at children.

Melinda came into the room, carrying a bunch of flowers.


Do people ever accuse you of being pompous?

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They would never fuss about me if I were Fred Smith.


I thought something had happened to you.


You shouldn't have invited him.

It's best if you can read the source material before seeing a movie.

My new can opener is sturdier than the old one, so hopefully it won't take 2 minutes to get at my beans anymore.

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Has Naren always been overweight?

We're doing this for the money.

At least they listened to me.

Have you been to Boston or Chicago in the past three weeks?

I didn't know you at that time.


The agonized spectators gazed on, unable in the least to aid their unfortunate companions, who were being torn to pieces before their eyes.

Who's helping you?

He comes up short.

Tehran is the biggest town of Iran.

I'm going to hang out with him.

A package of flour weighs one kilogram.

I'm a little worried about what might happen.

He is taking his final exam.

I should be thanking her.

We've done well.

The street is free from snow now.

Here is a pan without handles.

I hope you're not suggesting that I did that on purpose.


She has a large room all to herself.


We don't let people give money as a birthday gift.

I'm sure Theodore will be late.

Let's master example sentences and the make-up of text by dictation.

Why don't we flip a coin?

It's not enough to pray, it's not enough to dream. Not until someone takes control by getting a grip on reality.


We have homework.


That's a very insidious disease. You don't notice it until it's too late.


I don't spend much time studying French.

I don't know for certain when he will come.

My daughter weighed eight pounds at birth.

Let's go drink a cup of coffee at that coffee shop over there.

This is non-negotiable.

Next year is the year of the rabbit.

Can I be there when you tell Tyler?


I'm going to check on the kids.

Finally a horse I picked came first.

I've just come from there.

I won't run away like a coward.

Did I show you this?

What is your size?

Maria said to herself, "I'm really lucky".


You used to call me.

She seemed to have it all.

Entering the room, I found her playing the piano.

I think you like him.

You and Emet are the only ones still here.


Can you explain it to me, please?

We should be there with them.

I'm very allergic to peanuts.

I don't want Marshall to get hurt.

Is that your own hair?

He doesn't mean to be mean. It's just his nature.

People were created to be loved, things were created to be used. The world is in chaos, because everything is opposite.

Well, it's not really our place to tell them that they can't do so.

Merril looked left and right.


Open-air markets sell food grown on local farms.

I don't want to run the risk of losing it.

I'm curious to know why they removed my name from the list.

Teresa wishes he could afford to buy the kind of computer Liza bought.

I'm interested in ancient cities throughout the world.


Only God knows.


I don't know exactly when I'll be back.


Bonnie helped Kari with his science project.

We'll meet Warren there.

Nobody can help laughing at his eccentric behavior.

He is the last man to steal.

What made you do this?


I'll help you as long as I live.

Foremost politicians of three nations expressed their grave concern concerning the consequences of military operations in south-eastern Ukraine.

Alone in this world I'll be.

What does it look like to you?

He had no difficulty in solving the problem.

Many foreigners speak good Japanese.

Let's bury the hatchet and be friends again!

We'll let her worry about that.

Where does this path take you?

They would call for help.

How are Sally and Herb?


Gabriel and Mike became acquainted through their mutual friends.

You're watching AnnoZero, eh?

Subra often helps Kylo with her homework.

Sloth or laziness is one of the seven deadly sins.

Jagath grew up in a conservative family.

It's been a long time since we last met.

Wisdom pursues me, but I am faster.

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Rodney is spirited, isn't he?

We don't know exactly when it happened.

My uncle was willing to agree to my suggestion.

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I was very tired, so I fell asleep right away.


A man of learning is not always a man of sense.

I'm going to tell you what I think.

I wanted to get my mind off work.

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They enjoy the benefits of a great reputation.

He was overcome by a feeling of melancholy.

English is spoken in many countries around the world.

I really didn't want to play.

The entire city was covered in yellow dust.

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He asked his teacher for advice.

I slipped an ice cube down her shirt.

Have you ever heard such beautiful music before?

I shouldn't have played outside in the rain.

Srikanth came into the living room wearing a bathrobe.

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I don't have any problems at all.


Where were you when the fire broke out?

I've never heard her complain.

Few people take the trouble to read all the terms and conditions of a contract before signing it.

Why did you buy so many cookies?

Allan died with a gun in his hand.

Luc kept pace.

Just out of curiosity, what would you do?

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I can't let Chuck do that.

We love chili.

We're dealing with it.

Do I look like an actress?

Milner wishes he had gone to the theater last night.

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She got married at seventeen.


He didn't want to talk about it anymore.

You're a hottie.

Did you hear a knock?

It's excellent.

I am unable to give my word as to when it will be done.


If it weren't for the rain, we would have had a pleasant journey.


Narendra looked around the room to see who was there.

Don't hinder me in my work.

Keith has already drunk three cups of coffee.

It rained five days in a row.

More than one million tons of coal are mined each day in Australia.

I thought you'd want to take a look.

Our plans are to advance toward the city.

We regard him as a great man.

Why is this happening?